Adolf Sawbones
2014-08-23 00003
Creator BisonsWrath
Creation July 29 2014 (Concept)
Type Rebel Leader
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Aggressive, Dominant
Fighting style Close- to Mid-Range
Abilities Inhuman strength, speed and Durability
Sonic Boom
Proficient Ubersaw Usage
Superb Martial Arts
Weaknesses Energy Weapons
Status Very Not Dead
Occupation Freak Leader
Allies Alternate Painis Cupcake
Enemies Dr. Übermensch
President Turnman

Adolf Sawbones is an aggressive Medic TF2 Freak created by BisonsWrath, and his TF2sona.


He wears a Blighted Beak, a Closed Wintermantel and the Soldier's version of the Team Captain, and uses twin Übersaws to dispatch enemies.


Sawbones was once a high-ranking general in the BLU team. After the previous leader, an Engi with unknown powers, he expected to take control but the scientist Dr. Übermensch was chosen in his stead.

Angered, the powerful Medic left the team (Not before causing some damage), and proceeded to create a robotic army. While he failed to recruit normal/enhanced humans, he was much luckier with Freaks, While most of them are minor ones and pose little threat to the BLU team's more powerful Generals, there is one notable exception: Painis Cupcake.

Abilities and Powers

Being a former BLU general, Sawbones has numerous unique abilities.

Enhanced Strength/Durability

Even in the diverse alternate universe Adolf resides in, this trait is standard amongst most enhanced humans: the ex-Medic can take a lot of punishment, and most attacks that can topple normal opponents barely make him flinch. Sawbones himself has shown an ability to attack with great power and speed, catching even mid-tier Freaks off guard. In this aspect, he is only slightly weaker than Soldine.

Supreme Agility

Sawbones can travel at a speed of about 750 hammer units, which is equal to a Demoman's shield bash ability. He also has miraculous perception, dodging attacks others can barely see coming. However, traveling at maximum speed can easily exhaust him.

Sonic Boom

He also has the ability to release destructive sound waves that can either be concentrated into deadly projectiles (Jealous yet, Guile?), or released directly from his body to knock back everything that is near.

Power Up

Also like Soldine, Adolf Sawbones' signature ability is to triple his power, which is the maximum density his body can handle. Al this rate, his Sonic Booms can crush buildings, and his blows penetrate flesh like it's paper towels.

Faults and Weaknesses

Adolf is not very tenacious, and while he is tough, a viable option is to exhaust him. Destroying his Team Captain will result on him not being able to Power Up, and it will slow him down as well. Also, while powering up, he is vulnerable to fire and energy projectiles (except the Pomson 6000, due to it draining power.) The reason for this is that due to the high energy density inside him, continuously supplying him with extra power will literally cause him to partially explode. While he can recover, it WILL weaken him. This is especially hard to exploit due to the Powered-Up version of him being able to dodge almost anything.

2014-08-03 00001
Creator BisonsWrath
Creation August 03 2014 (Concept)
Type Advanced Robots
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Serious, Obedient
Fighting style Universal
Abilities Strong Hull
Various Enhanced Weapons
Smart AI
Weaknesses EMP
Status Their Numbers Grow!
Occupation Soldiers
Superiors Higher ranking Medibots
Adolf Sawbones (Supreme)
Subordinates Lower ranking Medibots
Allies Other Medibots
Enemies All Targets


The Medibots are a large force of BLU Medic robots wearing Byte'd Beaks. Their abilities are determined by their eye color.


  • The Basic Medibots: Carry Shotguns or SMGs. Gray eyes.
  • The Healers: Carry Mediguns and Pistols. Blue eyes.
  • The Brutes: Tough-to-kill Combat models that carry a Chargin' Targe and various Bonesaws. Orange eyes.
  • The Medisnipes: Carry Sniper rifles and Bonesaws. White eyes.
  • The Crocketeers: Carry Minicrit- or Crit-Boosted Rocket Launchers. Green eyes.
  • Medisentries: Minigun strapped to the right arm. Red eyes.
  • Hot Rods: Fast version. Starts unarmed, but goes after any weapon it finds.


The Medibots are not that smart, and only have 370 HP each (500 for Medisentries and Brutes.) While better than regular humans, most Freaks can effortlessly smash through them.