Creator ChristianDeadMouse
Creation Octobor 12, 2014 (concept)
Type Demon
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Stern, cynical, impatient
Abilities Various
Status Alive
Occupation Granting wishes
"Speak your wish so that I may grant it!"
-Akuma after being summoned

Akuma is a Tf2 pyro freak that is capable of granting 3 wishes.


Akuma is a floating muscular pyro (Muscly pyro model) with a hard-headed hardware and blazing bull.Akuma also lacks grenades or a backpack.


Akuma is extremely neutral in almost any situation.An example of this would be if his summoner was wishing for world destruction,Akuma would unhesitatingly grant the wish due to lacking care for the world and it's problems.


Akuma is a sort of genie like entity capable of granting 3 wishes if summoned.To summon Akuma one must find an australium item (Hat,weapons,etc it should be noted paint also works but Akuma will only grant 1 wish if paint is used),and stain the australium item with blood while yelling "INVOKEM AKUMIS INSIDEIS INIS MY PANTIS,"

Powers and Abilities

Powers and Abilities of Akuma include obviously the ability to grant wishes to his summoner.Akuma also possesses above human strength and durability and to some degree pyrokinesis.


Although stronger and more durable than most mercenaries and some low leveled freaks,Akuma's strength is usually rivaled or surpassed by most mid rank freaks.This also goes for his durability.

While Akuma does possess pyrokinesis it as best only serves as a mid range weapon so Akuma lacks a long range weapon.

Akuma may NEVER attack his summoner even if his summoner is trying to KILL him.

Akuma due to most likely being a demonic entity is affected by holy items and can be severely wounded by them.


*Akuma was based off of shenron from dragon ball z

*Originally Akuma in comparison to Porunga from Dragon ball z was supposed to be massive compared to other beings in the tf2 freak world and would lack legs.

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