Alpha ready for battle
Creator Ender Scout
Creation September 2015 (concept)
Debut Pending
Type Robotic overlord
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Robotic and emotionless
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Seeing through his units' eyes

Modified crossbow Infrared vision

Weaknesses EMP

Sappers Magnets

Status Alive
Occupation Robotic Overlord
Subordinates Beta

Gamma Delta Epsilon The C.M.B.C.

Enemies Everyone in his way
Alpha is a GRY/RED robot Medic, the leader of the C.M.B.C.

His theme is Black Mesa - Surface Tension 4

He was created by YouTube user Ender Scout.


Alpha is a GRY/RED robot Medic wearing a RED TF2VRH, a BLU Quadwrangler, and with the Medic gatebot light. His weapon is a GRN Crusader's Crossbow, and he sometimes wields a BLU Blutsauger as his sidearm.


It is unknown where exactly he came from, but it is suspected that he and a group of rogue robots and a few humans formed the C.M.B.C. and began converting humans who joined them into metahumans with cybernetic implants.


Alpha is a robot, thus can only imitate human emotions, and he rarely chooses to do so.

He is cold and stoic, and almost completely emotionless. He will order units into suicide missions and not even bat an "eye".

Powers and Abilities

Using his VR-Scanner, he can see through the eyes of all his units and order them precisely.

His Crossbow is modified to shoot extremely hot lasers, ice bolts, and even grappling hooks.

He has infrared vision and can spot human or animal targets from miles away.

He is very agile and can move very quickly.

Faults and Weaknesses

Like any robot, he can be Sapped and is vulnerable to EMP fields and magnets.

He also is not extremely durable and without his units protecting him he is no match for any average freak.


Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

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