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Creator Officer Raida
Alignment Lawful Good/Evil
Attitude Very Happy
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Being too stupid
Weaknesses Giving away everything he has for free

A complete idiot, hair and all

Status Alive
Occupation Being friendly (Helping his team out?)
Superiors Endo
Allies His Alternate Personality
Enemies All?

Anji is a red Scout made by Captain Huzan

Appearance and Personality

Anji is a Red Scout with a poorly combed green hair style.


Anji has always been a complete idiot, he never made much progress in life, after being mistakenly mislead by a odd enity to the outparts of his team mates battle zone he started meeting some weird people. Surviving alot of encounters by running away, losing most of his dignity along the way.

Anji is recruited by a Red Engineer, Heavy, Medic and a mysterious Ice Phantom named "Endo" to take down a Mafia boss named Verse."


Alter Self: After using another freaks blood to use for himself (Lost alot of blood from running away from a cannibal soldier) his secret hate formed another being within him, which he randomly turns to unexpectedly

Possession (alt): Anji can possess non freaks (mercs)

Image (1)

Anji (Alt) Possessing Verse's right hand, Ace.


Being a complete idiot like normal scouts are, Anji gives his stuff away for free without thinking twice, even his team secret plans to others he shoudlnt talk to.

The possession of normal mercs show tatoos on their arms and their faces become pale. making it easy to spot him

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