17 - 1 (2)
Creator Captain Huzan
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Pure hate and evil
Fighting style Melee/Ranged
Abilities Possession of normal Mercs

Reality Warping

Weaknesses Love
Status Alive
Enemies Anji

Appearance and Personality

Anji is a evil Red Femscout and originally a part of Anji, She wearh a lime green mercy hair and a bruisers bandana

The alternate Anji is made up of pure hate and evil which the normal Anji lacks (He never doesnt do what someone wants him to do) as well as love, which the Alternate self has a small piece for Endo though he doesnt show it




  • Normal Merc Posession:
  • Reality Warping


  • Anji is opposed to love but has a heart for Hase but otherwise ignores people asking her to do stuff
  • She doesnt run very fast like most scouts, mostly because she uses hate to power himself and without hate from Anji, she will cease to exist
Image (1)

Anji possessing Ace

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