Creator FlamingHammers1997
Creation TBE
Type Stalker
Alignment *Chaotic Neutral(Often)
  • Chaotic Evil(Provoked)
Attitude Creepy
Fighting style Meduim-range
Abilities *Stock Vagineer abilities
  • Freeze-over
  • Spycicle-Bite
Weaknesses *Extreme Heat
  • Freaks more Powerful than her
Status Alive
Occupation Stalking the night
Superiors Preferrably the Original Vagineer
Subordinates Other Vagi-species
Allies Select Vagineers
Enemies Everyone and Everything

Arctikill appears as a white-eyed, BLU Female Scout with a Malformed face wearing the Tough Stuff Muffs and a Mercs Pride Scarf.


Formerly known as Frosti Coldtouch, Arctikill was originally just a kindly Alien from the far-off planet FreizeirBurn (bad name, working on it) that was sent to earth to make a documentary about species that live in hotter climates. All seemed to go well, but on her expedition to earth, she encountered the Original Vagineer (Not really the best concept, and will probably ruin what little reputation I have here in the long run, but would you be willing to give it a chance?), and while she tried her best to put up a fight, she wound up pinned to the ground and was then infected with the Virus, becoming (one of) the first Alien-Vagi class.


She appears to be a BLU female Scout who dons the Tough Stuff Muffs and a Mercs Pride Scarf, she's also got the malformed-trademark Vagineer face, she's also got entirely white eyes, a face that seems to be more expressive than that of a regular Vagi-classes, and she's got fangs that resemble bent spycicles (Those are parts to Waluigi's mustache that can probably be found in one of those ApocHedgiepacks). other than that she's got a light blue tint to her skin that can't really be seen too well seeing she's mostly nocturnal.

Powers and Abilities

She possesses the standard stock Vagineer abilities, but her conversion process differs from the rest, when she feels she needs to, she will bite the victims head with her frostbitten fangs, but then she will release a chemical enzyme that will defrost the icy exterior, revealing the newborn monster within.

As stated earlier, she possesses a bit that can freeze her enemies, but she can still enjoy devouring them as if they weren't frozen to begin with, reverting back to her original nature as a cold-blooded member of the planet she originated from.

She can also freeze most liquids by breathing on them, or sticking one of her teeth into it.

She can manipulate hunks of ice she finds into reasonable means of distracting enemies, allowing her time to fight back.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • She's weak against fire-based freaks, and will most likely run from them rather than fight.
  • Any other form of intense heat will melt her fangs and render her without one of there best abilities.
  • When she fires off her limbs at opponents, they freeze, provided the enemy doesn't melt them, they can still provide a hard hit.
  • Aside from her bite and freeze-over abilities, she does not have control over the elements such as freaks like Medizard, or Cryo, she can only manipulate them, and she needs to actually throw them, contrary to launching them from her hands.
  • While her regeneration power is supportive, constant attacks can overwhelm her ability to heal. Those with Healing Factor Nullification can put her at a considerable disadvantage due to the fact that the power can remove the said regeneration ability. Furthermore, her regeneration power still doesn't give her immunity to drugs and other hazardous materials, resulting in supreme hold-back. Users with Disintegration, Incineration, or One-Hit Kill are powers that can kill her instantly, also disabling her regeneration ability in the process.


  • She seems to be the second female "Vagi" as far as we know.
  • She may tend to try and make friends as reference to her previous "Kindhearted" nature, but due to her freakish nature she may get rejected and either retreat, or just devour them whole, it depends on how they react, if they WERE to react nicely, she will present them with a hug, and a wave goodbye as she darts out of screen, leaving behind a phone number (Apparently they had those on her home planet).
  • Despite her relationship with other freaks, she still remains loyal to the Original Vagineer. no matter how much she hates him.