Creator Officer Shinkin
Creation 6/16/17
Debut Not so Good as you think, Ravenger!
Type Near-normal
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Confident

Kind Hearted

Fighting style Melee
Abilities Variety of Grenades
Weaknesses Vulnerable when recharging

Using Overcharge too often
Special Damage
Not having enough tunes

Status Alive
Occupation RED Team (Spectre Squadron)

U.S. Military (formerly)

Superiors RED Officials

Government (formerly) Commando

Allies Harbinger (BLU Heavy who is friendly only to him)
Enemies BLU Team

Ravenger (BLU Squadron Leader)

Arcturus is a RED Medic TF2 Freak created by the user Officer Shinkin, and is a member of the 10-man unit known as Spectre Squadron. 

Arcturus Theme is (TBA)   



Personality and Behavior

Powers and Abilities

"Left! Left!"

— Arcturus to his fellow friends
  • Portable Surge Generator: Like commandos Über-generator, Arcturus's Surge Generator is a gadget that provides limited "Surge Energy"
    • Overclock: Arcturus's whole body (Excluding his hat, suit and skin) turns bright red allowing him to withstand heavy items such as small bombs or frag grenades. This Ability takes 10% of his charge but has a recharge time that is unknown to Commando.
    • Overcharge: Arcturus's whole body turns bright pink (Excluding his Suit and Hat) He is almost Nigh Invulnerable in this form and can survive a nukes blast (Ex the radiation that effects his surge generator) He use's this to shield everyone if Commandos Über-generator is damaged or recharging. This Ability takes 70% of his Surge Charger and physically damages his body after using it
    • System Overload:
  • Direct Sound Order

Faults and Weaknesses


  • This is the hardest name for the creator to type and spell outloud