Australium Saxton
Australium Saxton
Creator ShermanZAtank
Creation 24 September 2013
Debut The Saxton Hale Saga: Something's not right
Type Doppelganger
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Mighty
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Australium Abilities
Martial Arts
Self UberCharge
Status Alive
Occupation Warrior
Superiors Saxton Hale (formerly)
Enemies Soldine

Australium Saxton is an Australian Clone Saxton Hale TF2 Freak created by ShermanZAtank.

His combat theme is The Enigna TNG: Buunemba Theme

His second combat theme is The Enigna TNG: Rage of the Universe

He is the best main antagonist of The Saxton Hale Saga.


In the year 2010, The freaks were coming out of the wood work and Saxton was becoming concerned for his own safety. In order to protect the TF2 world. He created a clone infused with the power of Australium. However the clone did not choose to protect the world, instead it wanted to cause chaos. The clone escaped leaving Saxton critically injured. The clone now wanders the world destroying anyone in his way.

Powers and Abilities

Australium Saxton has the ability to turn virtually any inanimate object into pure Australium. Once he has done so, he can manipulate the object at will, doing anything from throwing the whole object, to transforming it into several smaller weaponized forms. How he achieves this feat is through Australium itself.

Weaknesses and Faults


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