Bacon Scouts are bacon-oriented RED Scouts, part of the 'Let's Make a Freak' project started by Fancymann.

They share a theme with said freak.

Bacon Scouts
Creator Multiple
Creation 23/9/2015
Type Summons
Alignment Pending...
Attitude Pending...
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Bacon Consumption

Bat Rage Mode

Weaknesses Cheese
Status Alive
Occupation Bacon Obsessives
Superiors Mr. Bacon Shift
Allies Pending...
Enemies VeggieBurger


Bacon Scouts are RED Scouts wearing a Cool Cat Cardigan, open leather Digit Divulger and w/headphones Bacteria Blocker, all painted Dark Salmon Injustice to represent bacon.

Behaviour and Personality

Bacon Scouts blindly follow Mr. Bacon Shift and help him with battles. Bacon Scouts, when not summoned, often visit the sandvich shop, asking for 'Bacon, no cheese!' sandviches. When there, they are sometimes beaten up by the numerous Heavies that visit.

Powers and Abilities

Bacon Scouts can consume bacon to enhance their abilities in the following ways:

  • Faster speed.
  • Enhanced strength.
  • and if enough, Rage Mode.

Rage Mode is caused when Bacon Scouts eat their own body weight in bacon. It causes the scout to gain extreme strength and speed, and grows to 150% size. Bacon Scouts can eat more bacon to prolong the effects of Rage Mode.

Also, Bacon Scouts possess a stock Bat as a melee weapon. In Rage Mode, it turns into a Bacon Bat.

Faults and Weaknesses

Like their master, Bacon Scouts are killed instantly by cheese. If they do not eat enough bacon, they will die, too.


  • Pow came up with Bacon Scouts.
  • They follow Mr. Bacon Shift even though they are different teams.

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