Batter Bonks
Creation February 6th 2014 (Concept)
Type Freaks
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Malevoent
Fighting style Melee
Abilities His Chosen Bat
Status Alive
Occupation Serial killer
Allies Christian Brutal Sniper
Christian Pure Spy
Enemies Ass Pancakes (Rival)

Batter Bonks is a BLK Biohazard Scout Freak that was created by a Deviantart User.

Personality and Behavior

Batter Bonk is hyper active and at most times belligerent. He will approach his would-be victim like Painis Cupcake, but he crawls on the ceiling, then he startles his victim by falling on them. he will then say "I am Batter Bonk!", thats when their fate is decided on their reaction, if they show him friendliness, he will get off of them and give them a can of Bonk Atomic Punch (this of course, is their teammates transformed into such drink). But if they show any sign of hostility, he will then dismember his victim while laughing. If a witness is around (usually a Medic), he will hold his weapons behind his back innocently and say "Sup (insert TF2 class here)" and proceed to seem innocent until they walk away or try to attack him. If they try to attack him, he will go back to dismembering.

Faults and Weaknesses

He is easily distracted. If something catches his eye, he will slither toward it and admire it until he gets bored of it. This gives ample time for his victims to escape. His defense is the same as a regular Scout's. So he can be easily killed, to make up for this he has extreme offensive power.

Powers and Abilities

He has impressive swordsmanship. He is barely right by Ninja-Spy in swordsmanship (but not right by him or surpassing him). He can inflate his body parts at will, creating a big fist or foot. His speed matches PewDiePie's.