Creator Vlarrion (idea/concept)
Creation November 10, 2013 (concept)
Type Hybrid
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Determined (In battle)
Friendly (passive)
Fighting style Ranged and melee
Abilities Rescue Ranger
Southern Hospitality
Desert Eagle
Fast trigger finger and reloading
Status Alive
Occupation Battle Engie

Battlegineer is a RED engineer freak. This freaks concepts was created by starting user Vlarrion and other parts of the freak was made by Swiff.

Appearence and Personality

Battlegineer is a RED Hybrid freak of a engineer and a soldier, but is more closer to an engineer than a soldier since he doesn't use soldier weapons but has a slight Personality of one and the toughness of a soldier. for his appearance he dons a soldiers helmet with the cross-comm crash helmet and the Dues Specs on his goggles, a juggernaut vest, the Manntreads, and has Gunslingers for both hands. Battlegineer also doesn't have the paddings, the gear on his belt nor the overalls like a regular engineer does.

In battle Battlegineer is very determined with fights, and doing his best to help out his follow team-mates with helping them out in battle. In general with his fellow mercs, Battlegineer is friendly with them, and only nasty(unfriendly) when it comes to problems between him and other mercs


Battlegineer can deploy regular sentries and if needed somewhere else he uses the rescue ranger to pick it up instead of packing it up manually. Battlegineer is more quicker than a regular engineer, since most of the time he'll be running around fighting and also to make his trips carrying buildings faster, he is best called a swift footed engineer. for damage, Battlegineer used the southern hospitality to apply damaged to his enemies when in melee combat, he also carries a desert eagle with him in his holster as a side-arm. The gunslingers also helps Battlegineer with faster shooting and faster reloading.

Faults and Weaknesses (NTBE)

Trivia (NTBE)

If he is sapped he is dead NOT A BIG SOUP RICE