Blind Brutal Sniper
Blind Brutal Sniper
Creator Trytix
Creation 19th September 2015
Type Superhuman
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Silent
Fighting style Short and long range
Abilities Extreme senses
Extreme reflexes
Weaknesses Lack in durability
can't see
Status Alive
Occupation Freak Protector
Long range support
Allies Stryder Scout
Enemies Pyrocannon
Infiltrator Agents
Blind Brutal Sniper is a Freak Protection and Retribution operative and have

extreme senses and fights very good even though he's blind.


Blind Brutal Sniper appears as a orange sniper with a Holy Hunter hat, Sweet shades, Doublecross comm, Falconer and AWPer hand as weapon.


Not much is known about Blind Brutal Sniper, except the fact that he is blind. He is a man of mysteries, and he speak rarely.

It's like he is empty on inside and does missions without mercy. He is a cold-blooded Killer, but still one of the good guys.


Blind Brutal Sniper is one of the oldest members of F.P.R. and has an unknown backstory. Some people say he's family was murdered when he was young, others say he was raised by terrorists.

Which one of the stories is true nobody knows, except Blind Brutal Sniper himself, and whatever the story might be, it's cold and dark. Just like himself.


Blind Brutal Sniper is blind as the name states, but he has developed and trained his other senses so he doesn't need to see at all! He has an AWPer Hand sniper rifle which he is extremely good with. And he does almost never misses a target, even when cloaked.

Blind Brutal Sniper can also deploy a shield in front of him, which is very hard to break. Powerful missiles may crack the shield badly, but most of the time will not break it. If he's shield where to break, he can always put up another one again, but will have to wait some time before it's ready for deployment.

He also has the reflexes of a ninja, he can avoid nearly any shot he hears coming, and pin-point exactly where the shot will hit in microseconds. But he still is as fast and agile as a normal sniper.


Blind Brutal Sniper can't see and have to rely on his other senses, like hearing, smell and feeling. A gun with a really good silencer may be a excellent weapon of choice against him.

Blind Brutal Sniper is just as durable as a normal sniper, and therefore doesn't survive much damage.

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