"What is your major malfunction, brother?"- Blockhead defending himself from Major Scout Guy

Idle theme is The Millionarie's Hoilday

Attack theme is Dragon Ball Super Soundtrack- Beerus Madness 

Appearance and Personality

He's a BLU Scout-Bot equip with Baseball Bill's Sports Shine and modified Scattergun and Batsaber He's mostly Silent when not stealing hats or killing RED Demomen but in combat he aggestive and goes in a blind rage to kill his targets and his job for the thieves is a enforcer.


Real boy

Bring it!-Blockhead ready to fight

He's a rouge Blu Scout bot working at 2fort,Sawmill and anywhere he's assigned to go he was one of the first wave of scout-bots about to capture the A gate before being sap by a RED spy then presumed to be dertoryed he wake up in Badlands by a freak know as BLU Gentlemanly Demo with BLU Pyrogun and Commander Private and in return he works for them to steal any hats from any one and kill any RED Demoman and Spies even those he was made for Major Scout Guy, Pyrogun, Jane Doe, Soldine, Official Heavy and Gentlemanly Demo he's offten seen with a BLU Fempyro equip with Rail Spikes,Brutal Bouffant and Summer Shades with 5-12 other Thiveing Blu Soldiers or 25 Zomborgs and a Bluster Blaster Sentry wandering the freak world to steal hats.
Blu femme pyro

Blockhead's Leader and Wife

Power and Abitities 

Self-ÜderCharge for about to be destoryed or in close-combat 

Blast-Shield can block anything and protrect him from harm and acts like Medic shield in MVM

Crit Shots (useage are 6 times) It's his homemade bullets he build himself to take some stong freaks out cold (Soldine and Heavydile)

Red Shots (useage are 2 times) to set his foes on fire for 7 seconds

Gold Bullets (one time useage) used in dire combat it could kill most freaks from a blow to chest (expert Self-Üdercharge freaks)

Stunning punches when in speed boost he can deliver a fury of blows to stun his foe for 30 seconds

Speed boost can make go fast to dodge fatal attacks and some time to look for weaknesses

Scanner can help turn the battle for his liking using anything to use to kill his targets

Pirmal Rage is when his scanner is broken but he gain all his abitities at once

Faults and Weakness

because being a robot he can be sap by spy or damage by EMP

if Scanner is broken he can see and will go in a bilnd rage to kill his victims

he's lack at close-combat skills

he's fragile to electricity attack and be tempurarely deactived for 12 seconds

Bomb Bears or any explosion kill hurt bad due to being a scout

has the same duraititily as soldier and heavy 

tougher freaks can break his UderCharge and Blast-Shield

Freak Fights

Participants                                       Results

Blockhead vs Mayor Scout Guy: LOSS

Blockhead vs Mayor Scout Guy (rematch): WIN

Blockhead and Thieving BLU Soldiers vs Official Heavy: LOSS

Blockhead and Thieving BLU Soldiers vs Official Heavy(aftermatch): WIN 

Blockhead vs Pyrogun: WIN

Blockhead vs Soldine and Jane Doe: Inconclusive


Blockhead is based off of Majot Scout Guy

He's the second robot Freak to work with the Thieving BLU Soldiers

His Idle theme is the same as Christian Brutal Sniper's theme

Is the only thief to fight most of the Thieving BLU Soldier's enemies and live 

Hates everyone on RED due to being in MVM

Wants to kill Mastermind the medic

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