Blood Spy
Blood Spy
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation April,11,2017
Debut Needs work
Type Freak
Alignment Netual Evil
Attitude Bloodthirsty,combative
Fighting style Close range
Abilities Blood rush
Blood drain
Blood healing
Weaknesses Fire
laughing uncontrollably
Status Alive died a few times
Occupation Self-proclaimed God
Superiors Himself
Subordinates Blood minions
Allies His mother
Enemies Heroes

Blood Spy is a evil Spy concept by Kyuubiman3

His theme is Earthbound- Piggy Guys

His death theme is You are dead - Total Distortion


He's a bloodied RED Spy wearing Noh Mecry

Personality and Behaviour

Blood Spy only cares for himself and his goals and will kill his own men to do it even if their helping him

he tends to make "deadly" jokes and never really likes killing but loves to terment them

Powers and Abilities

All of his power are blood base

  • Blood Rush: He transforms into blood to fly or get in tight areas to reach his goals
  • Blood drain: Blood Spy drains his victim's blood by holding them long enough to become more weak and ready to die
  • Blood Heal: he can heal himself with the blood of others which is useful long fights
  • Bleed weapons usage: Blood Spy loves blood so much he'll use Boston Basher, Trivelman's Shiv and Southern hospitality to get what he wants

Faults and Weakness

His biggest weakness is him laughing uncontrollably due to his extra sense of humour

he's afraid of Pyros due to their flamethrowers that can boil his blood and make him explode

He durable as a normal spy (expect with lots of blood) in the early stage and can be taken out easily

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