Creator General Cactus
Creation May 25th 2015
Type Cursed Undead
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Silent
Fighting style Mid-close range
Abilities Teleport
Absorbing Blood
Inhuman Endurance
Status Alive
Superiors None
Subordinates Betrayal
Allies None
Enemies None Yet

BloodyDemo is a RED Demoman TF2 Freak created by General Cactus.


BloodyDemo appears as a RED Demoman wearing Bushi-Dou,Sangu Sleeves, Conjurer's Cowl, and Menpo.

Personality and Behavior

Usually BloodyDemo is silent and mostly ignores others around him but if someone is trying to threat him or gets in his way he'll have no choice but to warn them or attack them.

Powers and Abilities

BloodyDemo can use Teleportation but mostly use it to get close to is enemies or dodging. He can also absorb blood and corpse of fallen enemies which increases his strength and abilities and healing. BloodyDemo can summon three fallen warriors to help him out in combat which are Betrayal, Coward. and Dishonored but most of the time he uses one of them if BloodyDemo believes that he can't take down all the enemies but if he needs to get rid of a group of enemy fast he just turn blood that he absorb or blood from a dead corpse near by into spikes that can either poison the enemies or stun them. He is also very tough to take down, he can withstand heavy blows that usually kill someone but can still leave a bruise. BloodyDemo uses a cursed Katana that enhanced his combat ability and can activate his bad blood ability which is when he absorbed enough blood.

Faults and Weaknesses

Even if BloodyDemo can absorb blood and get stronger he can also get weaker due to using too much for his abilities especially in bad blood which drains twice more he also wants to fight fair with his enemies due to a code he followed when he was still alive. Sometimes BloodyDemo has flashbacks of a task he had which he failed to do so which caused his death.

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