Blunestein and his elite guard.

Blunestein is a dictator freak created by Dethdad123. He rules his country with pride and will punish anything that steps out of line. He is a antagonist in The G Crisis


He is a man who lived a hopeless life in the slums of Moscow Russia. His parents died a tragic death at the hands of a spy. After the unfortunate encounter his life began to become better as he was adopted by a rich retired luchador wrestler who found him beating a couple of street punks at the age of 8. The luchador saw this and was impressed by the child Blunestein's strength. He picked him up off the street and taught him how to use his strength to ward off unwanted foe's(The G Crisis Retribution vol. 3). He grew up a celebrity and became a luchador at the age of 17. He reigned champion for 23 years breaking every bone in his challengers body. Then when he battled a man named Shawn Mars, who cut his arm off. He finished the match however and ripped Shawn's head off as retribution. This injury caused his retirement from the sport. Suddenly he began to hear voices in his head as he began to have an new arm built for himself. Suddenly one arm turned into an army of robots. He returned to Moscow as the self proclaimed ruler. He forced the citizens into poverty as his army erased any person who dared to oppose him. He then made a deal with the man named Magenta which was that Magenta would make sure no one opposed his rule as long as Magenta got protection. He later battles Wekapipi as he is then shown arguing with his robots as they have disobeyed his orders.

Notable Video's

Heavy Circumstances04:18

Heavy Circumstances

Blunestein's theme song04:35

Blunestein's theme song

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