Borris in his first appearance.

Borris is the second main antagonist in Dethdad123's G Crisis series. He is a Sniper of British decent who strives to clean himself of his past life while trying to maintain the power of the Blackness. His theme song is Voodoo Kingdom by Soul'd Out.


Borris in his current design


In his early life he was the son of a low class warrior in the British army. Then one day on his way home from the bar with his father they met a man dressed in Black who attacked both of them. Using his quick wits Borris killed the man but during the fight his father was injected with The Blackness from the man. In a frantic attempt to remove the Blackness he put his hand on the parasite and it latched on to his hand infecting him with it. Later that day he brutally dismembered his father and mother. He was put under a death charge. He ran for years and eventually ended up in Japan with a Samurai. He learned the ways of the Samurai and with it learned to control the parasite. He left in search of the man who gave him the Blackness and to clear his life of his past crimes.

Notable Videos

Heavy Circumstances04:18

Heavy Circumstances

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