Brill and Brask

Brill is a Mexican pyro created by Dethdad123. He is one of the final protagonist in The G Crisis series.His theme song is Dark Pit from Kid Icarus Uprising. His battle theme song is The Battle of Galyanna from Turok Evolution.


Brill was born as a poor child in the slums of Mexico with a poor mother. At age 12 he was sold into slavery by his mother to be able to feed herself. For 23 years he worked as a slave under the rich Mexican company called El Patreon. Then one day he seized the chance to escape when the mail truck came. When no one was looking he jumped on and escaped to the Arctic. There he met the mysterious Red eye people who trained them in his ways until he was 35. He left and went back to Mexico and destroyed El Patreon. While there he met a man by the name of Brask who aided him in destroying El Patreon because they killed his wife. They now work as guns for hire.


Though he is only human he has a vast amount of fire based weapons. Such as Flame grenades, a ton of flare guns, and his favorite the x24 Back Burner flamethrower.


He is only human however and can be killed by normal circumstances if he is hit with something that can kill a normal human.

Notable videos

Chaotic Heart!! Part 109:52

Chaotic Heart!! Part 1

Brill's battle Theme song02:15

Brill's battle Theme song

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