Creator Northon12
Creation March 24, 2016
Type Freak
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Neutral

Stupid (fighting)

Fighting style Short-range
Abilities Photobadge


Weaknesses Powers

Ice Fire

Status Alive
Occupation Saving people
Allies The RED Team
Enemies Demopan

MeeM Scunt Vagineer

BuckScout is a RED Scout Freak created by the the user Northon12.


Buckscout looks like a normal scout, equipped with a Ghastly Gibus, Earbuds and Buck-Turner All Stars.

Personality and Behavior

Buckscout is the protector of tr_target and tries to not get it destroyed.

He goes to other places if there is someone in trouble. BuckScout tries to stop the enemy who are trying to attack the victim.

Powers and Abilities

Buckscout is always armed with a "photobadge", altough its just not a normal photobadge, but it can slice people's head off, which freaks think that it is just a normal photobadge.

With his magical-hat (gibus), he can warp people to other worlds, or send them to a black hole. his magical-hat is weak, it can be destroyed by one hit. His hat can even control freaks, but only for 10 seconds.

Faults and Weakness

Buckscout is probably not the powerful scout freak, but this shows some of his weakness.

Buckscout could not survive some of the freak's powers, the powers might kill him instantly.
Buckscout isn't that smart, he is unable to survive with ice, he would explode to death.
While something is on fire, touching BuckScout, he would scream, melting him to death.


Buckscout was supposed to be called "NeeN Scout" and supposed to be released at 2015, but the idea was changed.

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