Caber Pie
20170701220352 1
Creator McBuster
Creation July, 1 2017
Type Wraith
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Genocidal
Darken Humor
Abilities PRL Glow
Infected Blood
Creep control
Dance dodges
Superhuman Strength & Durability
Weaknesses Explodes attacks
Easily depress
Not eating(decreasing his power)
Status Alive
Occupation Soul Taker
Subordinates PRL Skin Zombies
Allies PRL Minions
Undead Ape Heavy
Enemies Texas Bacon
1000 Ass Bonk

Caber Pie is PRL TF2 Freak Created by McBuster

His normal theme: You got a friend in me

His attack theme: Conker Live & Reloaded OST- Bats


Caber Pie appears as a PRL Demoman without his grenades on his vest and is always seen in creepy face expression.

Personality and Behavior

He loves chasing his victims and showing them that no one would save them from the terrible fate that's about to happen to them.

He may have evil intentions but he still cares about his own favorite minions that help him in his missions to catch those who are suppose to be dead

He finds those that he suppose to take to heaven or hell by eating them in his dark humorous ways

Powers and Abilities

Caber Pie has a PRL aura glow when he speaks or doing his creepy blood control. that could people leaving him to attack

His blood can infect people turning them into Purple skinned Zombies if the touch his blood or been ejected with it

His creep control can make him take control of his own creations and people around him with is eye.

He can dodge bullets just by dancing the and unharmed by bullets when he dances

Caber Pie is super strong by holding a truck and throw it a couple of feet and is capable of survive a bomb cart explosion and been set on fire

Faults and Weaknesses

He may survive some powerful explosions but he still weak to them and hurts him to the point of passing out

If his favorite PRL Minion die he'll be too depress to fight back or even quit the fight. or if he doesn't get his food that he wants he'll go in a deep depression remembering all of his favorite minions who died

His powers decrease if he doesn't eat anything for too long making weaker every minute to the point of being weak as Typewriter.


If his normal theme was turned off it would play this will play

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