Captain Mannface
Creator Swiff
Creation October 18, 2013 (idea)
Type Hybrid
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Determined, Stubborn, Willfull(in battle)
Friendly (outside battle)
Fighting style Ranged and melee
Abilities The Original
Stickybomb Launcher
Tactics and Planning
Status Active
Occupation Demoman/Soldier
Subordinates Pvt. Mann
Allies Pvt. Mann

Captain Mannface is a RED Demoman freak created by Swiff.

Appearence and personality

Captain Mannface is a RED Demoman that donned a Team Captain (pending on a color and other items.) Captain Mannface is different from a regular Demoman, he has a bit more or equal of Soldier than the former and has a piece of his own personality.

For his Soldier side, Captain Mannface is patriotic, willful, sometimes stubborn in battles and situations. For his Demoman side, the captain is friendly, headstrong, and sometimes forgetful, but is never drunk. Captain Mannface never drinks scrumpy, he is always sober. Should he lose a battle, Captain Mannface feels slight annoyance if his team fails a mission.


For his Soldier weapons, Captain Mannface uses the "Original" and an Equalizer, while his Demoman sidearm is a Stickybomb Launcher.

Other than just going out and fighting the captain also plans out and thinks up of tactics for battles too, mostly when it comes to critical situations and/or starting a battle, he even does these for different maps, but has to be sure there are useful things and places for some of the ideas to work.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Captain Mannface is rusty with turning and landing while in the air from rocket jumping and can sometimes land face first, or crash into something, same thing with sticky jumping.
  • Captain Mannface moves as fast as usual Soldiers, when carrying his Original.

Pvt. Mann

Private Mann is Captain Mannface's companion and a close friend to the captain. The private will do anything to prove his worth to the captain, even by sucking up to him; but the captain already knows he is a useful and worthy soldier. Out of kindness and being a close friend of the captain, Captain Mannface made Pvt. Mann his second in command. Pvt. Mann is a very good fighter, but has his flaws, but luckily doesn't slow down his team and his superior officer.

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