Caramel Soldier
Creation 3 September, 2015
Type Freak
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Couragous
Fighting style Various
Abilities Sugar Manipulation
  • Sugar Constructs
  • Caramelization

Keen intellect

Status Alive
Occupation Candy Maker
Allies Chocoman
Bubblegum Scout
Marshmallow Medic
Gummi Heavy
Enemies Veganneer
Brussel Scout
Saxton Kale
Diet Man

Caramel Soldier is a ORG Soldier TF2 Freak created by UNKNOWN_USER.

Personality and Behavior

Caramel Soldier is a very friendly Soldier who is known for being courageous and righteous. He will do everything to protect his friends (especially Chocoman) from the offenders.

When not fighting, Caramel Soldier is a practical joker and uses his jokes to liven up his friends (which sometimes offends Snipermint). He is enthusiastic and restless, although unsure.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sugar manipulation -- Caramel Soldier has the power to create, shape, and control a variety of sugar, including caramel. He is very skilled with it, and can use it in a variety of ways on the battlefield.
    • Sugar constructs -- Caramel Soldier has the power to create living, semi-sentient beings out of sugar. While they vary in shape and size, his sugars are completely subservient to their master and are willing to protect him with their lives.
    • Caramelization -- Caramel Soldier is capable of caramelizing sugar.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Being a food-based Freak, Caramel Soldier's attacks are edible (and extremely tasty). Freaks who know of this weakness will take advantage of it accordingly.
  • Caramel Soldier's physical endurance is equivalent to that of any regular Soldier. As such, he cannot sustain much damage or survive the attacks of more powerful Monsters.


  • He was created to be Chocoman's Guardian.

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