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Creator ComanderJonas
Creation June 22nd 2014 (Concept)
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Loyal
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Minigun
Heavy Armor
Status Deceased
Occupation BLU Heavy
Allies Bruiser (brother)
Enemies Evil Freaks

Charger is a BLU Heavy Freak created by deviantart user ComanderJonas. He was created to fight off Evil Freaks


Charger was the oldest of six children. Born before the war he was raised by Johnathan and Muriel Jefferson. Charger had a rough childhood, his family was very poor and his father was an abusive drunk. When the bombs started dropping he was along side his brother Danny (Bruiser), his sister Theresa, his mother and two neighbors all located in a fallout shelter one of their neighbors had made. A few months later when they ran out of supplies. Charger was the first to go back onto the surface where he was assaulted by a Skull empire soldier who was looking for some "amusement" with the 9 year old boy. Charger killed the soldier by "feminizing" him with his teeth and beating him to death with a rock. A pair of fellow soldiers was standing nearby saw this, and where amazed that this little kid had somehow managed to kill their officer. They took him and his family into the slowly growing army of the skull empire. Charger was since then trained into becoming a soldier to serve the empire. Later when he was 30 he and his siblings participated in Operation Heart Breaker. Charger got the nick-name "Face-Breaker" do to his short temper and his favorite killing strategy, shooting someone in the head with a shotgun. After operation heart breaker he participated in "Operation October-storm" witch was the invasion of the Scandinavian territory. He and his brother Matthew was among the lucky few to survive. After Operation October-Storm he was given artificial arms to replace his lost arms. Him and Matthew where used as propaganda by saying that every soldier shall stubbornly fight to the bitter end just like this man who refused to abandon his brother in order to save himself. The Jefferson brothers where sent to america to help the skull empire establishing their new territory. They where abandoned five years later and saved by the Promethean Task Force. Charger quickly rose though the ranks and became respected by everyone. Charger once said that the end of the world was his saving grace, because now his violent behavior and the fact that there where so few laws still applying that he was now a hero rather than a monster.

Personality and Behavior

Charger is in battle quite foulmouthed and quick to anger. But outside of battle he is somewhat collected and even shares jokes with his fellow soldiers. He has a notorious love of alcohol, especially whiskey and moonshine that he makes himself.

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