Cheetah Scouts
Cheetah scouts by thesarcasticslab-d78gg29
Creator thesarcasticslab
Creation 4/6/14
Debut Used-To Be Idea
Type Animals
Alignment True Neutral (BLU)
Neutral Evil (RED/Female)
Attitude Aggressive, agile
Fighting style Various
Abilities Excellent Running Speed
Razor-Sharp Claws
Status Roaming
Occupation Cheetahs
Superiors Christmas Medic
Enemies Cannibal Sniper

Cheetah Scouts are a group of humanoid cheetahs that are the creations of Christmas Medic

Appearance and Personality

Cheetah Scouts are not very aggressive except female RED Scouts that mostly attack rotten or deceased things.

Tf2 freak cheetah scout by skyrimfiredragon-d8x303t

Cheetah Scouts feasting on a deceased body.

BLU Male Scouts are very neutral and actually chase after enemy Pyro's.


Cheetah Scouts don't have much abilities except all they can do is run fast and Razor Sharp Claws.

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