Christmas Medic
The christmas medic tf2 freak by spychedelic-d7a70b4
Creator SkyrimFireDragon
Creation 8/22/13
Debut Old Freak
Type Christmas Element
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Friendly, nice
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Enhanced Agility
Snow Barrage
Excellent Defense
Weaknesses Summer
Status Alive
Occupation Servant of Santa
Superiors Santa Claus
Subordinates Cheetah Scouts
Allies Elves
Enemies Cannibal Sniper

Christmas Medic is a jollyful teamless Medic that loves celebrating Christmas but is the main enemy of Cannibal Sniper


The Christmas Medic was the first of the Elves and worked for Santa, Many years later Santa sent Christmas Medic to find a Gold Ingot named Australium. He got lost in the Woods and found a angry Sniper (Cannibal Sniper). The Sniper approached Christmas Medic. Christmas Medic ran back to Santas house and told Santa everythere. Years later again. Christmas Medic became a Soul and was sent into the TF2 Freak world. To this day Christmas Medic will always love Christmas and Snow. But not Cannibals. One day Christmas Medic actually fought Cannibal Sniper and turned out to be successful.

Personality and Abilities

Christmas Medic is very friendly to all Humans and Freaks. He is actually good friends with Painis Cupcake and Seeman. Christmas Medic has the ability to teleport to a location with Christmas Snow dropping to the ground after he teleports, He also has a lot of Defense which means if someone would attack him he would take little damage. He is also has a main weapon, He calls it the Ham of Christmas Joy that does a lot of damage to his opponent.

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