Chronuser Razevenge Sniper
Chronuser Razevenge Sniper
Creator FarhanHSB (FarhanHQ)
Creation April 28th 2016
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Loyal
Silence (Sometimes)
Fighting style Mid and Long Range
Abilities Metal Blades
Magic Powers
Superhuman Strength
Weaknesses Getting hit by own or others Metal Blade
Status Alive
Occupation Lumberjack (Expert Woodcutter)

Chronuser Razevenge Sniper is a BLK Sniper TF2 Freak wearing a Marksman's Mohair, Doublecross-Comm, And Triggerman's Tacticals created by FarhanHSB (FarhanHQ).


First, he was a Original RED sniper that is working on some Wood Facility Thing. One day after he cut some woods near the dark forests, he mysteriously found some magic book fell on the tree while he's cutting some woods. He doesn't know what book He's holding. After he found that book, he decided to take a break and read the book. And after he reads all the pages from the book (not really), now he knows that this is a Magic Book that holds Magic Spells. He test some of the magic spells and he Doesn't know what magic he spells and magically appeared. The Magic spells he used is Metal Blades Arsenal (With some Colour Coded Powers from weaselcake). And after that, he's doing the magic spells again, but this time he change his apparel and cosmetics. Now he's a Freak that uses Metal Blade With some Colour-Coded Powers. but, He's not that evil freak, he's a Neutral Freak that is Sometimes Protect his facility. But when he's now a Freak, The job he's doing is Very more Easier to cut some woods with his own Powers.


Before he's a freak. He's a Normal RED Sniper which has a Job to be a Lumberjack and Cutting some Woods.

After he's a Freak. He's a Black Sniper that wears a White Painted RED Marksman's Mohair, Black Painted DoubleCross-Comm, and Triggerman's Tacticals.

Powers and Abilities

  • Metal Blades -- He use his metal blades against his enemies, little carefully.
  • Magic Powers -- Since he has the Magic Book, he thinks that this book will should help little bit or more extra firepower. he will used some magical spells and affect the enemies. like From magic spells book from scream fortress 2015.

Faults and Weaknesses

While he's have some almost powerful powers. He's have some faults and weakness:

  • While he's using metal blades powers, he seems be little careful while he's attacking.

because he's afraid of the metal blades hitting him.

  • The metal blades throwing are almost like soldier's rocket. it almost can dodge easily

by running fast like scout.

  • He's not particularly fast attack; he usually takes some time to think of his attacks.


  • The Name "Razevenge" is from some ROBLOX Gear that is shape like a saw blade.
  • The Metal Blades Abilities and the Idea is from The Megaman 2 Robot Master Called "Metal Man"
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