Cirno Sniper
Creator flandre495
Creation 2012
Type Fairy
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Childish; carefree
Fighting style Short to medium range
Abilities *Superhuman strength
  • Infinite arsenal
  • Respawn upon death
  • Bring the dead back to life
  • Ice manipulation
  • Agility
Weaknesses *Not too smart
  • Frail defense
  • Clumsy
  • Often relies on Flandre
    to help
Status Alive
Occupation Wanderer
Allies Flandre Sniper
Enemies *Christian Brutal Sniper
  • Piss Cakehole
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:―Cirno to a defeated foe.

Cirno Sniper is a Touhou cross-over BLU Sniper freak made by deviantART user flandre495.

Appearance and personality

He has the looks of a regular BLU Sniper with Cirno's hair, head ribbon and icicle wings.

Other than that, he doesn't seem to be too physically different from your average, everyday Sniper.

He also has a very childish, carefree personality, often being mocked as some kind of idiot. Though he may not usually be too serious in combat, giving most the first impression that he is a weakling, he actually posesses superhuman strength, being able to wield melee weapons of all kinds and strike with them like they weigh nothing, in an identical fashion to CBS.

He also can manipulate ice, such as firing icicles at his opponent. Though, he has terrible aim, meaning he isn't really gifted in long-range combat, though he can throw his weapons over a long distance(unfortunately he usually tends to miss).

His favorite pastime is to look for helpless victims to butcher, not because he's a serial killer, only because he finds it entertaining.

Powers and abilities

Just like Cirno from Touhou, he is incredibly gifted in ice magic, such as firing a blizzard of icicles at his opponent.

He also has similar powers to CBS, having an infinite arsenal of melee weapons. He takes after CBS in melee combat, but when things get sticky, he shows his true power. And when things get stickier, he demands Flandre Sniper to help him out.

He thinks he's the strongest. Not surprisingly, he seldom, if ever, is beaten by some other freak.

Being a fairy, he can respawn immediately upon death, and can bring a dead body back to life.

Faults and Weaknesses

He is not very smart, and he is also somewhat clumsy, often crashing into things as he doesn't 100% know where he's going most of the time.

He is also very childish, and doesn't have really good defense, leaving him weak to surprise attacks, and he has bad aim, making him bad at long-range combat.

Though, luckily for him, there's his good friend, Flandre Sniper, to help him out whenever he needs it.


  • His (fighting) theme is Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure.
  • When simply doing what CBS normally does, he uses CBS's theme.
  • He was originally intended to be a joke, until his freak creator gave him a backstory.
  • Another (nick)name for him is Baka Sniper, given by deviantART user Kyouka-Kawamura.

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