Cream Gravy
Creator Fritz Smith
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Good
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Bacon Blaster
Gravy Rain
Ubercharge Durability
Bacon Manipulation
Flight (Wrangler)
Status Alive
Occupation Engineer


Cream Gravy

Cream Gravy is a RED/BWN Ubered Engineer freak made by YouTube User, Fritz Smith.

Appearence and Personality

Cream Gravy is a RED Ubered Engineer with an Engineer's Cap, a Pocket Purrer, a Merc's Pride Scarf, and a pair of Summer Shades. He hangs out around cp_dustbowl and attempts to build dispensers on the head of anyone who happens to be in the general vicinity. This crushes them alive.

However, it is possible to avoid this if you compliment his buildings. Only a freak like Polite Spy, who obsessively compliments people, would do this, however, because his machines are barely functional.

If you insult or reject him in any way, he will attack in a blind rage, and, should he succeed in doing this, will hide the person's or freak's body in a toolbox.

Taking his Summer Shades will result in him crying for them back.


Cream Gravy was once a RED Engineer who sucked at his job. His machines always fel apart one way or another. His father was frustrated with him, and yelled at his son on a regular basis. Then one day, Cream successfully built a dispenser. He tried to get his father's attention, but his father had given up on his son and called him a disappointment. This was the last straw. Cream Gravy inexplicably Ubercharged and attacked his Father, beating in his skull and replacing it with a dispenser. Now, Cream wanders his old home, looking for someone to appreciate his new found ability to build a dispenser.

Powers and Abilities

Cream Gravy wields a stock wrench, which once was his father's. It is the assumed wrench he used to murder his dad, as he uses it to attack anyone who insults him. He also uses a "Wrangler," which actually sends him flying in the general direction he points it when he turns it on. He can cover a lot of ground quickly with this. Other than these, he is resistant to water, fire, and electricity.

Faults and Weaknesses

He is incredibly terrified of high places, and will cry and beg for relief if taken skywards. Also, even though he appears Ubercharged, he is not and will take damage from bullets just about as well as a normal human. He is also easily blinded by light and will panic if his shades are removed.


  • Cream Gravy was originally intended to be completely different, and be named "Bacon Gravy." But, due to the maker's bad memory, he falsely named the wiki page and is too new to the site to fix it and is too lazy to figure out how.

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