Custom Mann
Custom Mann
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation May 29,2017
Debut Pending
Type Meta Human
Alignment Choatic Neutral
Attitude Friendly
Fighting style All Ranges
Melee(when needed)
Abilities Custom appearance
Enhanced Marksman skills
Expert Melee user
First aid kit
Bulletproof helmet
Weaknesses Idiotic plans
head shots
limited ammo
low durability
Status Alive, died a few times
Occupation Twitch Streamer
Allies His friends
Enemies Anyone that shot first

Custom Mann concept by Kyuubiman3

His theme is Kraken of the Sea and his Battle theme is F-F-Fire! are both from MOTHER 3

His Weird theme is Soul 0 System- Kirby Plant Robobot


In Gmod videos or pictures He mostly appears as a WHT Soldier wearing Modest Pile of Hat, Freedom Feathers, Steel Pipes and Colonial Clogs even has no grenades on his bandolier

Personality and Behaviour

He's a friendly to his friends and likes making jokes and puns to tell his friends even stories

He hates it when people strike first and will get angry at them

he like messing around with his friends in battle as will

Powers and Abilities

His most used ability is to customize himself every time he dies (which happens a lot)

He has enhanced marksmanship with any gun he finds and knows how to them In Combat

He's a expert at Melee combat and will get close and personal to his opponent's faces if he has to.

He sometimes carry a first aid kit and bandages to cover up his wounds after a battle

He has a helmet that can block only one bullet to the head

Faults and Weakness

He's not the sharpest tool for plans and his plans always fail

Head shots can one shot him died if he doesn't have a helmet on

He has limited ammo because he sometimes forgets to being more ammo

He has low durability and can be harmed a bit easier then most freaks


This is Kyuubiman3's Twitch Stream dream sona

He sometimes wishes he had friends to play with so he can feel more comfortable to stream it

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