DJ Piss Snipper
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation April 30,2017
Debut Pending
Type Freak
Alignment Natural Evil
Attitude Bad
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Capoeira Expert
Lazer Shades
Giant Robot
Hypnotic Music
Ultimate Charge
Weaknesses Overconfident
Unexpected attacks
Status Alive N' Boosting
Occupation DJ
Superiors Souless Engineer
Subordinates Splicer
Rave Scouts
Allies Toymaker (most of the time)
Enemies "Unhip" People

DJ Piss Snipper also known as "Music Maker Sniper" is a GRN TF2 Freak

His normal theme: Rock Solid - Conker Live & Reloaded

His Rage/attacking theme: VS Ultimate Chimera - Mother 3

Appearance and Personality

DJ Piss Snipper appears as a GRN Sniper wearing Safe'n'Sound, Summer Shades and Pip-Boy, he is a loyal servant of Souless Engineer and a lover of music. His personality is somewhat similar to a teenager and would generally use euphemisms like "whatever" and "bad".

Powers and Abilities

Capoeira Expert: DJ is an experienced martial artist a style similar to break-dancing

Lazer Shades: DJ Piss Snipper's Summer Shades has a built in laser to attack opponents from a distance

Hypnotic Music: By using special records, DJ Piss could control any Scouts who heard his music and make them do whatever he wanted.

Giant Robot: As a second last ditch effort, DJ Piss can use his Pip-Boy on his wrist to create a giant robot to fight. It has super strength and could fire a multitude of lasers and bulltets

Ultimate Change: This is DJ Piss Snipper's last ditch effort he becames electrical and fast to fight his challenger in a lasting combat

Faults and Weakness

DJ Piss Snipper's music has no effect on other classes leaving them unaffected

DJ Piss Snipper becomes Overconfident when fighting and taunts them to show it to them

DJ Piss Snipper is extremely cocky due to his "teenager" act and thinks he can take on the strongest freaks

DJ Piss Snipper let's his guard down when he thinks he won the fight and can be taken by surprise leaving him vulnerable to tricks and spies

While in his ultimate state he's still vulnerable to any type of damage

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