Creator PumpkinLordOLantern
Creation 30 March 2013 (Concept)
Type Necrotic Demon
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Malign
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Superhuman Strength
Enhanced Durability
Hybrid Vitality
Status Undead
Occupation Bodyguard
Demon Warlock
Superiors Pylich
Subordinates Pylich's Undead Army

Daemoman is a BLU demonic undead Demoman TF2 Freak created by PumpkinLordOLantern.


Daemoman appears as a BLU Demoman wearing the Headtaker's Hood, the Brimstone, the Bonedolier, the Dark Age Defender, the Horsemann's Hand-Me-Down, the Sangu Sleeves, the Bootlegger, and the Voodoo-Cursed Demoman Soul. The weapon he usually carries is the Scotman's Skullcutter.

Personality and Behavior

Powers and Abilities

Faults and Weaknesses

Because he prefers to fight his enemies up close and personal, ranged attacks can he a massive advantage, though a close-up shotgun blast to the face can be effective.

While his strength his beyond natural, it usually takes time for him to control his strength without accidentally harming his allies or destroying some important objects. Furthermore, users of Absolute Strength can outpower him, while users of Strength Absorption, Muscle Mass Weakening, Strength/Muscle Manipulation, and Strength Reduction can rob him of his incredible strength.

Despite not being the same exact ability as Invulnerability, Daemoman can only take so much damage before his durability finally gives way. Observantly, he will be stunned by damages that would physically kill ordinary people. His durability has a set duration as well. Some users that have powers that can bypass durability like Durability Negation, Telepathy, and Absolute Strength can stand a chance against him.

Because he's a hybrid of both undead and Demons, he has the same exact limitations from both races. He would may rely on devouring souls, flesh, etc, otherwise he would cease to function. If he would commit virtuous actions, being purified through unnatural causes like powers and abilities, he would may become an Ascended Necrotic Demon as a result. He's especially weak against holy powers as well. Supernatural hunters are capable of taking him down, and his body will may continue to rot and decay. As part of the undead, he's automatically (and usually) frowned upon by society. Destroying the brain or chopping his head off can result in him getting killed instantly. Users of Necromancy, Dark Arts, and among certain forms of Magic can be counteractive against him since they can put him under their control against Pylich.


  • Daemoman is a portmanteau of "Demoman" and "Daemon", another word for Demon.