Das Chamäleon
20170831212322 1
Creator McBuster
Creation August 31,2017(revive)
Debut Pending
Type zomborg
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Sadistic
Fighting style short to Long ranged
Abilities Stealth suit
Expert shooter
Chamaleon's tongue
Cybernetic arms
Disguise kit
Weaknesses Cocky
fast targets
Status Alive
Occupation Assassin
Allies TBA
Enemies Pootis Bird

Theme is Ruthless Lizard, Leon Powalski- Star Fox Command

Appearance and Personality

He appears as a BLU Medic wearing Virus, Dr.Gogglestache and Kriegsmaschine-9000 with a evil smile most of the time. He's Silent when in hiding Cocky at times at winning fights he's Angered by Bird freaks very easily he loves to kill his victims slow and painfully as possabile he even stay's focus on the missions like a assassin and He's a Zombrog freak and harms every bird/animal freak and Freaks who goes near his lair in sawmill.


He started as a normal BLU Medic working in the wood in Sawmill but killed by Pootis Birds then a few days later a Medic-bot found his remains and they both fused together becoming Das Chamäleon that is a undead cyborg BLU Medic wears Virus Doctor, Dr.Gogglestache and Kriegsmaschine-9000 which his is equipped with Machina,Righteous Bison,Dead Ringer and disguise Kit he works for no one and likes to hunt down freaks and his job is assassin

Powers and Abilities

Chameleon Stealth it aloud him becomes any prop near-by or turn invisible

Das Chamaleon has Marksmen Shooting so that his aim can find any weakness points from his enemies and may know their weakness

His chameleon's tongue can grab and kill most classes easily if they survive he'll try to struggle them to death

Cybor-punch it's his mastery of hand to hand combat skills to fight any martial arts freaks

Charged Shot Shoots through Walls where his targets are and along with his special glasses he can also can see through to find his targets

his Disguises are mostly Disguise as the Lesser known freak or as F2Ps (Captain Demoman,Robo Engi,Snipe,Dick Sandvish,FAG Scout,Campoman,Pyrogun and Typewriter)

Das Chamaleon can fake his death more then 6 times a day

Faults and Weaknesses

He gets cocky at times and easily fooled that he win the battle

If his tongue hits anything electric he'll be set on fire

In Chameleon Stealth he weak as the props he becomes (soda can and pie)

Speed freak can dodge his bullets if not seen first

His food disguise can make him targeted by hungry Heavies and Pootis Birds

Hate everything about bird freaks and lose focus on the mission

He can't target multiplier targets charging him head on


His voice lines are from Leon Powalski from Star Fox

Das Chamäleon is German for The Chameleon

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