Davon is the main antagonist of The G Crisis series. He was locked away in a vault with the Blackness and now wants revenge on those who trapped him. His non combat theme song is Black Sabbath from Gio Gio's Bizarre adventure Vento Aureo OST,and his combat theme song was Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix but due to copyright it was changed to Awe of She from the Guilty Gear OST.

Davon's current design


Davon in his debut.


The Blackness.


In his past life he was a not so good medic who would brutally mutilate his victims as he saw the human race as a bother. He vowed to one day release the blackness and cause chaos to all humans in the name of the planet Earth. However the three god's of POOT saw through his plans before he could do any harm and locked him away with the blackness. However in the current age of freaks all but one of the gods of POOT have gone to the heavens and joined the gods of old. The one that remained had let his guard down and allowed Davon to be released who had merged with the blackness which then the power of the two and Davon's unbreakable spirit combined with the might of The Blackness was enough to overpower and kill the god. He then meets one of his former team members Diavolo The God Eater. He attacks him as a message of his return. His current status is unknown.

Notable Videos

A formidable foe01:29

A formidable foe.

Davon's theme song02:49

Davon's theme song

Davon's battle theme04:47

Davon's battle theme

Die Die my sweet Magenta man06:02

Die Die my sweet Magenta man

The Breaking! Davon vs Wekapipi!04:52

The Breaking! Davon vs Wekapipi!

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