Dead Baby Shit
Creator Cowboygineer (concept)
Swiff (additional ideas)
Fancymann (additional ideas)
Creation January 27, 2014
Type Fast Bastard
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Destructive
Fighting style Random
Abilities TBA
Weaknesses TBA
Status Has Died Many, MANY Times
Occupation Fat Thug
Enemies Stu Pidface

Dead Baby Shit (or DBS for short) is a BLU Heavy TF2 Freak. The concept was created by Cowboygineer, and additional ideas were made by Swiff, and Fancymann

Appearence and Personality (NTBE)

Dead Baby Shit appears to be a BLU Heavy with a slightly inflated/fat belly/arms and wearing the Graybanns.

Powers and Abilities (NTBE)

Dead Baby Shit can do a dance that makes him invincible for a while.

He can regurgitate on enemies to give them a jarate effect, he can also use his tongue as a Hookshot.

Faults and Weaknesses (NTBE)

Due to his dim wits, he can be easily snuck up on.

If his dance is interrupted in between, he will not be invincible.

If his tounge gets electrocuted, it could burn DBS.

Trivia (NTBE)

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