Loud Nigra Rainbow Ride Magic Missile BEES05:36

Loud Nigra Rainbow Ride Magic Missile BEES


Death Invader is a stupid TF2 Freak by Spider-Mad. He's a parody of a stupid Freak named Divider, dip-shit!

It's not finished, so you just have to wait, dim-wit!

Why are you still reading this?

OK. I'll tell you something, Toxic. I read that journal of yours about an alignment ideas and I'm confused. What does it means? How does this new alignment works? Can't tell! It's ridiculous! Go make a better one!

Later, I read another journal and look what we have here?

"So viewers, I'm giving you an option here, do you think I'm an /silly, or am I a genius, which do you think? I'll let you all vote." - ToxicHolyGrenade

Ooh... So you think you're so smart, eh? Yet you still a self-righteous dolt that haven't improved your grammar and behavior at all. Seems like you're the same as ever. Typical.

Just look at your grammar. "an /silly"? It's weird to put a slash at the beginning of the "silly" part. Speaking of "silly", that's "silly", you high school dropout. Take an English test, would ya?

Bitch, please. You just don't realize what you have done? You just make things worse, not better.

About the .gif thing. It's meme, you dip! Here's a reaction, a meme reaction!

J0shua master by kiradies-daw8mjb


Isn't it funny?

No, seriously, stop being such an arrogant bastard and get your ass outta here, you dirt-bag!

If you're so smart, then why are you being smart, eh?

Go ahead, thinking that you're far more competent than anyone on here, god dammit!



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