Demo Mann and Sons

"Have at em lads!"
Demo Mann giving orders

Demo Mann and Sons is a group of Demoman mercenary TF2 Freaks created by YouTube user xXTrigantXx.


The team is mostly composed of Demo Mann's family or friends, who are most of the time Demomen. The only known meber who was neither family nor a Demoman was Soldier in a Box prior to his zombification.

Additionally, though the mebers are RED by default, if they are hired by BLU team mebers they will change their clothing accordingly.

Trainoman / Demo Mann

Demo Mann
Debut TBA
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Resourceful
Fighting style Melee to Mid-range
Abilities Trainomancy
Advanced Swordfighting
Weaknesses Long-range weaponry
Status Alive
Occupation Serious Mercenary
Subordinates His sons

"Pain Train!"
Demo Mann


Demo Mann, formerly known as Trainoman is a Demoman equipped with the Bearded Bombardier, Tam O' Shanter and a Liquor Locker on his back. Additionally, his main loadout consists of the Loch-n-Load, the Splendid Screen and the Nessie's Nine Iron.

Personality and Behaviour

Demo Mann is a normally calm and not very talkative Demoman in- and outside of battle. He stands out as one of the members to not drink alcohol, stowing away BONK! cans in his locker instead. While he as the leader of the group is a good strategist and a resourceful person, his sons antics and frequently displayed stupidity can enrage or disgust him.

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