Demogear is a WHT Demoman fist fighter and a heavily built combat android.

2015-05-11 00002
Creator Trytix
Creation 11.05.2015
Type Combat Android
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Lazy
Fighting style Short to Mid-range
Abilities Strong durability
Strong weaponry
Strong Fist Fighter
Weaknesses Can't Fly
EMP and Electricity
Weak of Getting Blinded
Status Active
Occupation Heavy Support and Defence
Allies Pyrocannon
Infiltrator Agents


Demogear appears as a WHT robot Demoman with Helmet and cosmetics from the Distant Yell Demo pack. He has got a normal robot Demoman's voice.


Demogear is somewhat lazy and don't care much about anything actually. But he still is very into fighting, and he really loves it to! Demogear does follow orders from higher ranked ones, but is often displeased about it if it doesn't involve fighting or killing stuff.


Demogear was created by the organization SEV (Surveillance Efficiency and Weaponizing) to be a combat robot used in defence for their main headquarters, even though Demogear mostly liked to get into a real fight than staying in the HQ.


Demogear has a very protective armour so he can survive alot of damage. Even though he has a strong durability, he does not outmatch Pyrocannon, who has got nearly twenty times more powerful armour platings. Demogear has also got rocket launchers that can appears out from both arms. These are very powerful, and can blow up light armoured tanks in one hit.

Demogear is also a very powerful fighter, he can fist fight at a much higher speed than normal Demomen, and he also hit with much more force.

Demogear can also shoot a very powerful laser ray out of he's visor. This ray is very strong and can melt through most materials. This weapon can overheat and if Demogear doesn't stop firing when it begins to overheat, he can break the laser systems completely by the cause of melting.


Demogear moves a little slow and can be outrunned by a normal Demoman, but not a Heavy. If Demogear overheats his laser systems melt, because of this, he will lose sight of the target completely. Demogear has no radar systems or any scanners other than his optical sensors, so by blocking this, it will make Demogear practically blind.

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