Den is a ORG demoman freak created by DENSTIFY1, and serves as his TF2sona.

Creation Persona
Type Human
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Silly
Fighting style Close to Mid-Range
Abilities Multiple weapons

Sheildless charge

Wind resistance

Asshole detection

Weaknesses Daydreamer

Bad Aim and Bad Stealth

Status Alive, but died once or twice
His theme is Happy Bee: By Kevin Macleod.


Den is an ORG demoman wearing a scotch bonnet, a pair of pyrovision goggles, a pair of back turner all-stars, and the battery bandolier.

Personality and behavior

Den is a cheery fellow, whenever he is relaxing he always has a smile on his face. He loves to do things like play video games, eat, and watch YouTube videos.

Weapons and abilities

Being a Demoman, Den has a few weapons at his disposal, His favorites being the stock grenade launcher, the Scottish resistance, the Eyelander, the sticky jumper, and the B.A.S.E jumper. (The last two being his method of transportation.)

  • While welding his Eyelander, he can charge at his foes without need of a shield.
  • Like most other mercenaries, he can respawn at the nearest resupply, however death is still a painful and scary experience for him so he avoids it at all costs.
  • As a Demoman who sticky jumps often, Den has huge wind resistance.
  • Since he lives in Scotland and uses the internet often, he can easily tell if someone is an asshole due to their words and actions.
  • Probably his best attribute is that all his freaks are loyal to him, similar to Jaytey Nighty. (Before he became Regulus Black.)

Faults and weaknesses

He has terrible aim, stealth, lying, and being subtle.

Due to his creative mind, he might daydream in situations were it's stupid to daydream.

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