Heavy Crimson.

Diavolo and Heavy Crimson in Combat Form.

Diavolo The God Eater is a neutral Freak who wants the world of the freaks to be a more peaceful land instead of the violent world it is. He has an ability known as Heavy Crimson which summons a Crimson Red Heavy Being.


Diavolo in his casual form

His main ability is to "Erase Time" which means to skip ahead 10 seconds seemingly teleporting around the battlefield. He can also use the energy in his body to erase any being he comes into contact with, but this feeds off of life energy so it is used as a last resort. He lives in the Enigma dimension with his creator Dethdad123. He is based off of The Main antagonist of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Vento Aureo's main antagonist Diavolo and his stand King Crimson. He is the kind of freaks that does not attack for an retarded reason but insted likes to watch his fellow freaks and study their combat, defenses, and skills just in case if he has to keep he has to fight them but not kill them. (Though he did break all of Handsome Rouges bones.) His theme song is Golden Expirence Requiem from the Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure OST.


For we have yet to learn much about his past life, in the Dethdad123 2016 Christmas Special we learn he was a very high standing member of society before a creature called The Blackness took his left eye and made him a freak. He then began to create a company set on keeping peace between the freaks. He is an freak that can brawl with the best of them even defeating the one that took his eye. (Who by the way is a god) in which he adapted the God Eater Name.


  • In certain videos his name is mispronounced, most likely because there is more than one way to pronounce his name.
  • Heavy Crimson is based off the stand called King Crimson in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure who's name comes from the band King Crimson.
  • When he fought Painis Cupcake he demonstrated the ability to turn things to stone an ability that he has not used since.
  • He will not kill freaks and if their are humans involved he will stay at a safe distance due to the power he attained when he was cursed.
  • He under no circumstances harm a human even if they are evil humans.
  • He has died once in his past life before the curse of the blackness consumed him.
  • If the blackness curse is removed he will die for good.
  • Bomb based and flame based attacks can do critical damage to him.
  • It is believed that he originated from the remains of a woman who was in labor for 111 months but anyone who believes that is written off as insane.

Notable Videos

TF2 Freak analyasis- Diavolo The God Eater05:13

TF2 Freak analyasis- Diavolo The God Eater

Diavolo the god eater01:28

Diavolo the god eater.

Diavolo the god eater's origins The Dethdad123 Christmas Special10:15

Diavolo the god eater's origins The Dethdad123 Christmas Special

Diavolo the god eater meets Handsome Rouge03:57

Diavolo the god eater meets Handsome Rouge

Diavolo the god eater meets Painis Cupcakes03:27

Diavolo the god eater meets Painis Cupcakes

A formidable foe01:29

A formidable foe.

Diavolo The God Eater vs Magenta05:27

Diavolo The God Eater vs Magenta

Diavolo the God Eater theme song02:13

Diavolo the God Eater theme song

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