Creator benjatroll575/WarPyro
Creation 07/11/2013
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Malevolent
Fighting style Short Range
Abilities Telekinesis
Status Alive
Occupation Psychic Killer
Enemies Nemesis
The Familiar Spy

Dimensio is a BLU Spy TF2 Freak created by YouTube user benjatroll575/WarPyro.


Like The Infectant, Dimensio was a normal spy, but was mutated in a nuclear explosion, before being sent to a top-secret containment facility, but the facility experienced a containment breach when an unknown mercenary disabled the security systems, allowing The InfectantDimensio and the other mutated mercenaries to escape from the containment facility. Now Dimensio is another mutated freak wandering the TF2 world, bringing chaos wherever he is.

Appearance and Personality 

Dimensio appears as a Ubered BLU spy, most of the time seen levitating. Dimensio is an overpowered freak and he shows that by attacking innocent people and other freaks, he is a very malevolent freak that attacks for no reason.

Powers and Abilities

As the name suggests, Dimensio is able to open portals from map to map, from dimension to dimension, so he can easily flee in a hard battle. He can levitate and throw knives with telekinesis.

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