Distractio Updated
Creator UnitedDucks
Debut Jimm and Distractio
Type Demoman
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Abilities Expert dodging


Weaknesses Explosive damage

Hard to dodge attacks

Status Unknown
Occupation Distraction
Allies Jimm Slimm

Distractio is a TF2 character created by UnitedDucks (known as SuperBread on the wiki). He is a BLU Demoman who has expert dodging skills.

Distractio is voiced by UnitedDucks himself.



Distractio's original appearance.

A long time ago, Distractio was part of a team of mercenaries consisting of Attackio, Protectio and Distractio himself. The other 2 were brutally killed in battle, but Distractio was able to survive with his impressive dodging skills. The secret behind his dodging capabilities is because of his many years of playing the game N+.

After his friends died and his team was destroyed, Distractio decided to join the BLU team. Since it was after the Machine Wars, the RED and BLU teams were supposedly allied, but BLU had to pay a few million dollars to the RED team each month to keep the factions at peace. A while after this, he met Jimm Slimm during a trading festival.

Distractio's current status is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Distractio's main ability is his expert dodging skills. He can avoid almost any ranged attacks without being hit. He can also serve as a great distraction (hence his name).

Another one of Distractio's abilities is being able to throw special mines at his enemies. These mines can stick to any surface much like normal Stickybombs, but they are motion sensor activated rather than remotely detonated. Distractio can also use his mines to explosive jump.

Faults and Weaknesses

Distractio is physically weaker than the average Demoman, meaning he can't take as much damage before being defeated.

His dodging skills aren't very effective against hard to dodge attacks, such as rapid fire weapons or homing missiles.


  • "You can tell me anything! Just holla at ya boi and don't be a passive-agressive fuck."
  • "What the hell, RED team? I thought we were in good terms!"
  • "Jimm, your self-esteem is low enough as it is already."


  • Distractio was created from one of UnitedDucks' joke Steam names.
  • Distractio's mines are based on the mines from the game N.
  • The name Distractio is only his "-io" alias. His real name hasn't been revealed yet.
  • In one video, it is revealed that Distractio is actually part of a race known as "-ios".
  • Distractio and Jimm are both mentally scarred from a traumatic incident relating to Merasmus, Bonus Ducks and Joris. The entire story is too cancerous and retarded for this wiki, so it can't be posted here.

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