Divider, the Mathiest Math Teacher
Creator ToxicGayN(censored)
Creation May 19th, 2014
Debut None, really, but there's this one
Type Local Idiot
Alignment Stupid Evil
Attitude Boisterous
Fighting style Short to Mid-range
Abilities "Radiation" Viles
Math-based Attacks
Weaknesses Equations
Being devoted to Pythagoras
Status Repeatedly dying
Occupation Math Teacher
Superiors Pythagoras
Allies His Students
OmegaMario89 (His biggest rabid fanboy)
Enemies Sodeanator
Criminal Mischief Charles
Nuclear Scout
Good Freaks with actual character development

Divider is a math-based TF2 character made by ToxicGayN(censored), who just is not in videos. It's crazy. There actually used to be a good quantity of drivel here but alas, no video no interest right.

So I made up some stuff to fix this guy because hey why not right?

His theme is Tomfoolery from Spongebob Squarepants


Divider is a math teacher who did undefined math stuff. He went all the way from School to a Science Fair in order to see a baking soda volcano, however, the eruption of the baking soda volcano caught him off guard causing Divider to fall on his head and become mentally retarded. After the students and teachers check on him, he awakens. Thinking he's a radiation deity, he splashes the teachers and students with green glowstick juice, thinking he's demonstrating his "newfound powers". That makes no sense, but you'll go with it since he is a "Radiation Deity" now.

He's been getting killed ever since.


Divider is a neon green engineer who wears some nifty Cosmetics, like the Pip-Boy 3000, Adam Jensen's Shades, an eye-patch, and some sort of Armor sorta like Engineer-Bot Roman Armor from Team Fortress 2, but not as radical and is RED colored.

Personality and Behavior

Divider is seen as a boisterous weakling. He believes he's the greatest TF2 Freak who has ever lived, despite always having no chance of winning. He is also delusional, and believes he's an all-seeing God or something. He also proclaims himself as a "Radiation Deity" for no reason.

Divider frequently idolizes Pythagoras of Samos. He's modeled his entire mathematical career after him (only even madder), wants to improve on all of his math skills, and keeps all these portraits and biographies. It's hard to tell because he frowns all the time.

Divider used to get excited about people stealing his lunch money in a scuffle because he'd get to employ math to calculate just how much he'd lost and then assert the status of his financial position.

Now he's not that interesting I admit because he really runs the math thing in to the ground which is why I thought of this second thing for him.

He's gotta take a chill pill.

Powers and Abilities

Since he is a "Radiation Deity", he has to use some dumb potion crap to fight.(It's just glow stick juice, but a guy can dream, right?)

Not for fans of sanity

Common imagery of Divider's best friend (read: most rabid fanboy), OmegaMario89, completely losing his marbles.

Divider jumps in the air and he's like "I'm going to beat the FACTOR out of you," while he assumes the shape of different mathematical symbols (In a UMVC3 Wolverine kinda way.), like Pi and Sigma and subtraction. (And a person getting in a straight line like a subtraction sign is like M. Bison's Psycho Crusher right?) Anyway he also has protractors which he uses as brass knuckles, using his math books to attack people (It's proven useful against bugs.), and he always pretends to drain people's life force and only stops if they give him a hard drive. If he dies its like subtracting a quantity that exceeds what it's being taken from so instead of staying dead he just gets right back up and he's like the human version of a negative number. He can count to ten without the use of his fingers.

He also has this new power where he drops his pants and suddenly believes he can afford a new home. The frantic joy increases his unpredictability in battle. He becomes very extremely enigmatic.

Divider's final attack is a fourth wall break where he runs up to the camera, measures out 90 degrees then rotates the camera on its side, changing the universe's gravity.

Faults and Weaknesses

The true strategy to kill him is like equations, y'gotta solve him. By this I of course mean take him to a trash compactor, crush him into one of those neat garbage cubes and put him in a freezer somewhere. Or say math is for nerds. He's so devoted to Pythagoras that he can be instantly killed by reminding him that the square root of 2 is irrational. He can't do math stuff in his head. Makes you wonder why he's a math teacher, huh?

He is widely considered to be the worst TF2 Freak who has ever lived, getting killed by the likes of fellow weaklings such as Typewriter, Snipe, Captain Demoman and his "Losers Only Gang" and even regular mercenaries. Once, he died when the wind blew him over. Poor guy.


  • AdmiralTrainstorm said that he should make Nuka-Cola Scott 15 some time featuring Divider.
  • Divider always says things like DIVIDE AND CONQUER and ROUGH DIVIDE and GIFT FROM THE DIVIDE because he's super chuffed about his nomenclature and interests tying together so neatly.
    • Also, he uses the "SO ZETTA SLOW! SINE COSINE TANGENT!" voice.
  • He is a massive shoe.

What you'll need

  • A full pencil case.
  • Strong will to resist suicidal thoughts after witnessing this horrible thing.
  • Brain Bleach

Notable Videos

A Video I Made With Admirals Characters

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