Doctor Ubermensch
Doctor Ubermensch
Creator Invadervek
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Malign
Fighting style Mid-range
Abilities Austrailium-based Abilities
Sonic Scream
Weaknesses Water
Status Alive
Occupation Mad Doctor
Superiors Dr. SeS
Subordinates BurgerLord
Allies BurgerLord
Enemies Good/Friendly Freaks in General

Doctor Ubermensch is a BLU Beta Medic TF2 Freak created by Invadervek.

His dormant theme is Archimedes (

His Attack theme is Thirteenth Struggle from Kingdom Hearts (

Appearance and Personality

Doctor Ubermensch is a Beta-BLU Medic wearing a Planeswalker Helm.

Dr. Ubermensch isn't the medic for healing, as he turned down a heavy because he thinks that healing others isn't rewarding enough. He isn't friendly nor helpful, though he will work with freaks who are trying to reach the same goal as him. He will try hinder and harm freaks like Gentlemanly Demo, Official Heavy, Medizard, Major Scout Guy, etc.

Powers and Abilities

He is very crafty, and can make traps whenever necessary. He can also make vehicles, like a rocket.

He has Austrailium abilities, making him a rather formidable foe, he can use this ability to make shields, improve weapons or trap people in an Austailium casing.

He can teleport, leaving an ignited Austrailium bomb behind, allowing for a good chance to finish off his enemy.

If all else fails, he has a Sonic scream which can either knock back opponents, make their heads explode or petrify them.


His Austrailium abilities don't work on robotic freaks such as Soldine, Bluster Blaster Sentries or Pyrogun and will actually improve them, making them more difficult for Doctor Ubermensch.

His Sonic Scream doesn't work on anyone who is very durable or deaf.

Water will cancel out his Austrailium abilities.

Fire proves fatal towards Doctor. Ubermensch.

Electricity puts Doctor. Ubermensch in a daze.

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