Double Spy
Creator STBlackST
Creation Feb 27, 2016
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Disdainful
Fighting style Infiltration and Weakness exploitry
Abilities See Below
Weaknesses See Below


Double Spy is a BLU Spy without any cosmetics who weilds two Ambassadors. Although hard to tell apart from other BLU spies by appearance, he can be easily told apart by his arrogant personality and disdainful attitude.

When he splits, Double Spy can be told apart from his double, as he doesn't where a A Day at the Beach Summer Hat.

Note: Double Spy and his Double are both seperate entities.

Personality and Behaviour

The Double Spy is disdainful and enjoys taunting others for their failures and/or potential weaknesses etc. He makes of people is is really hard to shut up especially during fights. The Double Spy's double does bear a nearly identical personality, but speaks sparingly compared to the original Double Spy.

Powers and Abilities

Double Spy

  • His cigarette can turn people into cocaine upon contact.
  • He is really good at shooting with pistols.
  • He is especially skilled with headshots as he is really experienced with The Ambassadors.

Double Spy's Double

  • Double weilds a bat that can shoot lightning.
  • Knowledgable with magic.
  • Can summon the Bombinomicon.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • He isn't invincible. You shoot him and Double with a rocket and they might die any regular person.
  • fighting fire with fire is effective when it comes to Double Spy. Outsmarting or using the element of surprise on him are both really effective ways to beat him.
  • He can get too used to winning so saving an special attack will get get him good.


  • Double Spy and his Double need better names.
  • Has a thing for RED sniper, appearently.
  • This is STBlackST's character. You can edit if you like. This is just for fun.

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