"Hello there, watcher. I am Dr. CharlesMann and this is my hospital, founded by my grandfather in 1890. I now own this hospital, since 1939 when my grandfather passed away. Now I heal soldiers and anyone else."
Dr. CharlesMann's voice on a 1950's documentary tape on the TV
Dr. CharlesMann
Dr. CharlesMann
Creator MrFlipmaster12 
Creation 11/11/13 (idea)
Type Scientist/doctor
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Insane
Fighting style Various
Status Alive
Occupation *Mad scientist
  • Murderer
  • Monster maker
Subordinates *Byro
Enemies Everyone

Dr. CharlesMann is a tf2 freak created by youtube user MrFlipmaster12


Dr. CharlesMann appears to be a RED Medic wearing the Second Opinion

Behavior and Personality

Dr. CharlesMann use to be a normal Medic until a accident happened which caused him to develop Insanity and Dr. CharlesMann became insane and started making monsters by taking dead bodies making them into monsters and reviving the person.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. CharlesMann is immortal so he can live forever without aging.

Dr. CharlesMann has superhuman strength.

Dr. CharlesMann has monsters that protect him.

Dr. CharlesMann can revive people and turn them into monsters.

Dr. CharlesMann can control childrens minds making them do stuff like making them write REDRUM on the door.

Dr. CharlesMann has demonic abilites such as flaming hands, crits in his body, and powerful swords.

Faults and Weaknesses

Dr. CharlesMann can only get killed by being shot in the heart or in the head at the brain

Dr. CharlesMann allways surenders when the Police, FBI, Military, or any people who fight villains show up.

Dr. CharlesMann retreats when his monsters are not with him or his monsters are taken out.

Dr. CharlesMann can't be able to use his demonic abilities unless it's a full moon.

Angelic light will stop Dr. CharlesMann demonic abilities to work so Dr. CharlesMann would have to wait for another full moon.


Dr. CharlesMann have quotes that are famous and were ordered by when they were said and it was said before or after when he developed insanity

"I have saved thousands of patients who have lived for many years"-Dr. CharlesMann in 1940 40 years before he developed insanity

"Awww I discovered my dog has immortality But but but how I can I give myself immortality?" Dr. CharlesMann in 1950 20 years before developing insanity 

"I did it I got Immortality" -Dr. CharlesMann In 1970 3 hours before he developed insanity

"I won't let you close down my hospital" -Dr. CharlesMann in 1970 30 minutes after developing insanity

"And you WILL NOT KILL ME YOU CRAZY BITCH" Dr. CharlesMann in 1970 35 minutes after developing insanity


Dr. CharlesMann is inspired by and somewhat similar to Dr. Frankenstien.

Dr. CharlesMann is part demonic since he developed insanity. 

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