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Dr. Duumkopf is a mad scientist Medic freak by YouTube user Pow.

His theme is Two Steps from Hell - Cannon in D Minor.

Dr. Duumkopf
Creator Pow
Creation 23/9/2015
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Insane
Fighting style Long-ranged
Abilities Creations

Superhuman intellect

Weaknesses Human strength

Slow reactions

Status Alive
Occupation Mad Scientist
Subordinates Flexineer




Dr. Duumkopf is a dark BLU Medic wearing Ze Goggles, an Einstein, a BLU Kreigsmaschine-9000 and a Ruffled Ruprecht.

Personality and Behaviour

Dr. Duumkopf is an insane but very intelligent individual. Most of the time his behaviour is erratic, but he can help people out, such as how he saved Flexineer from certain death from RED mercenaries, then gave him his powers.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Duumkopf has access to his millions of creations. His most frequent battle creation is a rapid-fire Crusader's Crossbow that is made of ice. He can also create BLU uber-textured Three-Rune Blades, BLU critboosted Australium Black Boxes and more.

Faults and Weaknesses

Dr. Duumkopf has no superhuman qualities apart from intelligence. He is as strong physically as a normal Medic and has slow battle reactions, both reasons making Dr. Duumkopf inefficient versus higher ranking Freaks.


  • Pending...

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