Dumb Old Seven
Dumb Old Seven sitting somewhere in Badwater.
Creator n8five484
Creation September 30, 2015
Debut Pending
Type Idiot
Alignment True Neutral
Abilities When near death, he uses his rage power called "Unlock" which turns him into a normal Scout

He is invisible to normal humans

Weaknesses He is not invisible to freaks

He is defenseless against someone attacking him

Status Alive
Occupation Sitting on a chair, acting idle
Allies Anyone kind to him
Enemies Anyone attacking him
Dumb Old Seven is a unintelligent RED Scout freak who's sits idle on a chair in Badwater Basin that wears a bat as a hat which has a baseball on the top.



Dumb Old Seven never wears a usual Scout hat and headphone and always wears a default Scout bat on his head which has a baseball on the top of the bat.

Abilities and Weaknesses


  • His name is taken from something probably misheard and his idleness is based off Stupid Heavy.

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