Creator Jillian189
Creation September 27, 2015 (concept)
Type Demigod
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Belligerent, honorable, friendly
Fighting style Close-range
Abilities Immortality
Sun-based abilities
Expert swordsmanship
Expert tactician
Weaknesses Element negation
Status Alive
Occupation Wandering warrior
Superiors Sol
Duncan is a YLW Demoman Freak created by Jillian189. He is a powerful and immortal warrior who also happens to be a worshiper of Sol, the Sun god.


Duncan was originally a member of a clan of Demoknights stationed in the Degroot Keep region (cp_degrootkeep). This clan primarily focused on skill and martial pride. A natural prodigy, Duncan was both intelligent and skilled with the sword, and became the clan's best warrior. His fellow clan members saw Duncan as a blessing from the gods, and encouraged him to fulfill a great destiny - whatever that is.

When he grew older, Duncan left his home to travel the world in search for worthy foes. However, due to his talents, he quickly ran out of people to fight, leaving Duncan very dissatisfied. He attended a tournament held in the Junction region (cp_junction_final), where he encountered a strange YLW Soldier wielding a Half-Zatoichi sword and wearing the Shogun's Shoulder Guard. Duncan assumed that the Soldier would be a easy one, but the Soldier turned out to be as intelligent and deadly as he, and Duncan barely managed to defeat him.

However, due to his sense of honor, Duncan refused to kill his fallen opponent. The Soldier unexpectedly laughed, saying, "For a mortal, you certainly gave me a hard time." before turning into a god before Duncan's eyes. The Soldier revealed himself as Sol, the Sun god, and he was on a personal journey to find why his twin brother Mani loved both Freaks and humans so much. He was so impressed by Duncan that he turned the Demoman into a demigod and gave him his blessing.

Now immortal, Duncan became a wanderer, looking for more challenges to face. It is said that his true destiny was to become not a warrior, but a divine champion of the gods.


Personality and Behavior

Powers and Abilities

  • Heliokinesis -- Like his patron god, Sol, Duncan has the power to manipulate energy from the Sun.
    • Solar barriers -- Duncan can use solar energy to create protective force-fields. He can either create large ones to protect a big group of people, or make them small enough for self-protection.
    • Solar blasts -- Duncan can fire offensive streams of pure solar energy. Unlike those who worship the Moon, Duncan's blasts can be as strong as he makes them due to the Sun's limitless energy.
  • Immortality -- Duncan is able to live indefinitely, due to being blessed by the Sun god Sol. He can shrug off most attacks as if they're nothing, and look eternally young as he ages.
  • Lunar sensitivity -- Like all Sun worshipers, Duncan can sense the presence of anything related to Mani, the Moon god. He will feel a slight shiver if nearby, but will feel as if he ran into a blizzard stark naked if right next to anything touched by Mani.
  • Psychic immunity -- Duncan can resist most mental and psychic attacks. Even something simple such as telepathic invasion and hypnotism have no effect on him.
  • Fire manipulation -- Duncan can manipulate fire and all forms of heat. Due to being an empowered mortal, Duncan's skill with fire is at the basic "fire-bending" stage.
  • Light manipulation --
  • Berserker Mode -- When experiencing extreme emotional stress or injured beyond a certain point, Duncan enters a berserker-like rage that makes him ignore all physical injuries and enhances his ability to inflict melee damage tenfold.
  • Expert swordsmanship -- Duncan is very skilled with the sword as well as any bladed weapon he happens to pick up. Due to his childhood training and experience gained during his travels, he is an excellent swordsman bar none (except for Sol, that is).
  • Expert tactician -- Despite his love for battle, Duncan is very intelligent and cunning.

Faults and Weaknesses


  • Duncan's concept and backstory was inspired by the tabletop game Warhammer, specifically the Chaos god Khorne (known as the "Blood God" and the "Hunter of Souls"), and the Chaos Warriors.
  • Duncan is an anglicized form of the Gaelic Donnchadh, which means "brown warrior".

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