Duumkopf Oktoberfest
Creator Blastertronus
Creation 7/28/17
Debut Link meets an uninvited guest
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Evil/Neutral
Attitude Belligerent

Pychotic Murderous Hostile (when meeting people in his territory)

Fighting style Melee
Abilities Chainsaw
Rage mode
superhuman speed
Weaknesses locking him In a room full of explosives
Status Alive
Occupation Serial killer
Allies the voices in his head
Enemies anybody

Duumkopf Octoberfest is a RED medic created by Blastertronus, and he is also another He is another Painis cupcake knockoff.

his theme is March of the Spoons by Kevin Macleod

And his Rage theme is Exhilarate again by Kevin macleos



Personality and Behaviour

Powers and Abilities

Weaknesses and Faults


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