Eerie Smiling Gargoyle
Eerie Smiling Gargoyle
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation May 3,2017
Debut Pending
Type Gargoyle experiment
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Eerie
Fighting style Fist
Abilities Flight
Extra Strength
Smiling reality
Real form
Weaknesses Extreme Loud Noise
Bright Lights
Status Alive?
Occupation Failed Experiment
looking for his sister
Superiors His Sister
Allies Comedian Vagineer
Enemies Mook
the Scientists that made him

Eerie Smiling Gargoyle is a BLU TF2 Freak concept by Kyuubiman3

His idle theme: Pokemon Black & White 2 - N's Room

His attacking theme: Donkey Kong 64 - Mad Jack


Eerie Smiling Gargoyle appears as a BLU Pyro wearing Blazing Bull, Fallen Angel, Tall From the Crypt and Pyromancer's Mask

Personality and Behaviour

Eerie Smiling Gargoyle seems to speak and understand Vagineer's language but he always seen "smiling" to almost anyone he meets.

He's force to stay indoors during the day and stay away from cities or direct combat with others.

Powers and Abilities

Eeire Smiling Gargoyle can fly with his wings

He also has extra strength to pick Heavies with ease

Eeire Smiling Gargoyle has his own reality were there's nothing there but smiles

Eerie Smiling Gargoyle is stealthy and quiet and can sneak past people without being spotted

His Claws tear though normal Scout's body limb From limb

Eerie Smiling Gargoyle real form makes him appears Üdered and acts as regular Üder change.
  • Eerie Smiling Gargoyle's True power

Faults and Weakness

Eeire Smiling Gargoyle has extreme hear and extremely loud noise can make drop and act like he has a headache

His eyes are extremely sensitive to Bright lights and perfers to stay inside buildings and dark areas

He also lacks any meaning of long ranged combat


Eerie Smiling Gargoyle is Kyuubiman3's dream 8-bit boss/character in his other project which is making a 8-bit game

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